Another batch of nostalgic bouts. Do you remember this song?

IIRC, that anime was aired in around 2004-2005 at the same time slot as Shaman King. That was when anime still became the primary kids’ watch. I’m not going into the back-then-and-now polemic. It’s true, however, that lesser and lesser anime are being aired nowadays. And most of which are just among the countless re-runs of the old, long, re-running series like Dragon Ball or Doraemon (in fact, it’s been airing even before I was put into conception).

At least, they should give kids more to watch than just crappy news and sinetron.

I think the end of anime in Indonesian television came in 2008 with Kekkaishi. That was the last time there was a good recent anime with good translation quality aired. Afterwards, I haven’t seen any good new anime to be aired on public local TV stations. “Fortunately we were kids back then,” one of my friends said. Well, it’s true.


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